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Spring has sprung! This week’s knitting diary…

Spring knits – what’s on the knitting needles this week?

Feeling enthused by my new shiny website,  I’m doing what I ought to do,  and writing a regular blog. It’s good for SEO and content, blah, blah, zzzzzz, oh sorry, I must have drifted off… So don’t worry,  the novelty will soon wear off, as does everything that requires me to establish a routine…

But! Here we are then! What’s new this week?

Well the sun shone yesterday, which is quite a novelty,  so a lovely country walk beckoned.

I’m blessed with being able to leave my front door,  walk around the corner a bit,  and there before me lies an expanse of the British countryside a lot of us rarely get to see.

Orchards, rape fields,  country houses and bluebell laden woods… but I do know how lucky I am, I really do.

Woods surrounding The Little Songbird Knitting Co HQ

Countryside surrounding The Little Songbird Knitting Co HQ

So home we came,  and the company dogs had a long snooze and I was able to get some work done,  namely finishing 2 blankets that were waiting for the arrival of a yarn delivery.

Here they are:

Chevron striped blanket | The Little Songbird Knitting Co


Honeycomb blanket | The Little Songbird Knitting Co

Both of these knitting patterns will be available for downloading today.

Both of these are a lot less complicated than they look,  so next week, I’ll show you just how simple they are in a mini step by step excerpt from the patterns.

Now I’m knitting some baby cardies in 5 different seascape colours. I’m hoping to get them all finished,  blocked and labelled in time for Saturday’s Best of Faversham market in Preston Street.

I guess I’d better get knitting!

See you soon folks!

Shiona x

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