Let’s Crochet! A Toadstool PDF Crochet Pattern




Toadstool pdf crochet pattern

Toadstool pdf crochet pattern – A simple little project that’s much easier than it looks!  Crochet each bit separately, and add a little bit of embroidery, and voila!  A cute little amanita muscaria toadstool!

The pattern instructions include working a French knot.  If you don’t know how to do one of those, follow this link.  It’s a brilliant technique and will open your world to eyes, dots, bits in the middle of a flower, teeny holly berries and more…

This PDF pattern includes UK and US crochet terms, and includes the following stitches:

♦ Chain stich    ♦ Slip stitch    ♦ Increase    ♦ Decrease
♦ Double crochet (US single crochet)

Materials and equipment you will need:

♦  Oddments red, cream, brown and green Aran weight yarn
♦  garden twine  ♦  a 4.5mm hook  ♦  toy filling