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  1. Learn to knit at one of our knitting workshops in Kent.
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Learn to knit!  At one of our knitting workshops in Kent.

Our knitting workshops in Kent are proven success stories. We run taster days, a 1-day catch up (ideal for those who haven’t knitted in a while, or those wishing to improve their skills), our full on 2-day Learn to Knit workshop, and improver sessions from £15 per hour for those wishing to increase their skill set.

Choose between a one to one lesson, or bring a friend and receive from £20 off per person.  Gift certificates also available.

We believe in a holistic approach to knitting.  None of this learn to knit a scarf nonsense!  “What’s wrong with knitting a scarf?” I hear you say… well… a scarf is verrryyyyy long and verrryyyy monotonous, and we, at The Little Songbird Knitting Co want you to enjoy knitting, not stick it in a drawer, never to be taken out again!

So!  We teach you everything.  In one sitting.  But don’t worry!  You won’t even notice.  All of a sudden, you’ll have a pair of slippers.  Or a hot water bottle cover.  Or a hat with a fur pom pom.  And you’ll have read a knitting pattern.  And the next time you look at a knitting pattern, you’ll know what it means!  And how long does it take?  Just 2 days!  Then you’re off.  Out there in a world of love, and soft squishy yarn, and needles, and patterns, and a new passion for this glorious pasttime.  Life, we’ll warn you now, will never be the same again!

The 1 and 2-day course is held at The Little Songbird Knitting Co HQ in Newnham, in the beautiful Kent countryside from 10am – 4pm.  You’ll have a lovely homemade lunch, refreshments throughout the day, and cake.

Included in the course is one of our fantastic knitting kits, which includes yarn, needles, a knitting guide and lots of accessories.  You’ll receive expert guidance from our experienced tutor, Shiona, and you’ll leave being able to knit!

You will learn:

  • Cast on
  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Increase
  • Decrease
  • Buttonholes
  • Cast off
  • How to read a knitting pattern

Courses are for 6 hours, on a day to suit you.  The course times are 10am-4pm.

Maximum 2 people per course.  £20+ off the per person price, for you and a friend.

If the purchase is a gift, choose the gift certificate option, and download your voucher after completing the checkout process (you will need an account to sign in and print off).  Gift certificate available for our 1 day workshop for 1 or 2 people.

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One to One, Bring a friend and get £20+ off., Gift for 1, Gift for 2


1-Day Beginner's – Learn to Knit, 2 Day Beginner's – Learn to Knit, 1-Day Improver – Learn Cable, 1-Day Improver – Working with more than one colour, 1-Day Improver – Using circulars and DPNs, Gift Certificate, Improvers bespoke hourly (min 2hrs)