Let’s Crochet! A Cotton Jellyfish PDF Crochet Pattern




Cotton jellyfish pdf crochet pattern.

A simple beginner’s jellyfish pdf crochet pattern, ideal for new crocheters.

This is a lovely project for new crocheters, who have learned some of the basic stitches and techniques, and want to put them into practise to make this pretty jellyfish.  You’ll be using techniques (almost by accident) that will produce hyperbolic crochet for the spiral tentacles, which you can use to create a scraf, for instance.  You’ll be creating a circle which turns into a bowl shape, which you can use for other projects from mats to baskets.  And you’ll be creating a very simple frilly edge, which can be used to edge a blanket, or a cardigan, and lots more.  There’s a lot of experience to be gained from one very simple pattern!

This pattern is written using UK crochet terms, and uses the following stitches:

♦ Chain stich
♦ Slip stitch
♦ Double crochet (US single crochet)
♦ Treble crochet (US double crochet)

Materials and equipment you will need:

♦  50g Aran weight yarn (we used King Cole Big Value recycled cotton)
♦  A stitch marker
♦  A 5.5mm hook

This is great project, and suitable for beginners.

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