Knit Your Own Solomon C Gull Giant Seagull Knitting Kit


Our giant seagull knitting kit is a unique gift for anyone who likes to knit! Knit Solomon C Gull today!


Giant seagull knitting kit.  Knit our iconic oversized and overstuffed seagull called Solomon C Gull, with this fun and unique knitting kit.


Our giant seagull knitting kit uses garter stitch throughout to make Solomon.  The stitches and techniques used are cast on and off, and increase and decrease, so nothing too taxing!  His legs use the “i-cord” technique, if you click here, there’s an instructional video on the technique (N.B. not made by us).


In your kit you will find:

  • Oodles of beautiful 100% wool yarn.
  • 1 pair of bamboo knitting needles.
  • 1 pair of birchwood DPN’s (for the i-cord)
  • Your knitting Solomon C Gull knitting pattern.
  • A large eyed plastic sewing needle for sewing up.

N.B. kit excludes toy filling.


This is a great gift for any knitter of any ability, from beginner upwards!  And help is always at hand, so if you get stuck, drop us a line at and we’ll be glad to help.


Take a look at our image gallery for our customer’s Solomon looking out to sea!


Also available ready made!

Additional information

Weight400 g