Improver’s PDF Knitting Pattern – Colour Block Cushion Cover


Colour Block Cushion Cover PDF Knitting Pattern


Colour Block Cushion Cover PDF Knitting Pattern.

Knit this colour block cushion cover, using our downloadable PDF knitting pattern.

This cushion cover is a lovely item to knit.  The colour changes make knitting the cushion cover a lot more interesting than standard garter stitch.  It adds a whole load of sparkle to otherwise plain old knit stitch!  We loved making it, and hope that you do too!

Your pattern uses the garter stitch intarsia method (instructions on this technique are in the pattern and you can click hear for a YouTube video tutorial).  Intarsia is a great way of knitting something in one piece, as there are no squares to sew up (except for the front and back!), and it creates seamless vertical colour joins.  It’s all about right and wrong side, and if you get stuck, as usual, we’re here to help!  And because garter stitch creates a wonderfully thick spongy fabric, it’s ideal for home furnishings.

We used DROPS Alaska yarn, which is a dense 100% wool aran weight yarn, available in some really wonderful shades. It’s not a washable yarn, but because of the natural properties of wool, it shouldn’t need anything more than a very rare handwash.

Finished size: 40 x 40cm

You will need:

1 x 50g ball in each of:

  • Light Grey Mix (03)
  • Dark Grey Mix (05)
  • Dark Blue (37)
  • Light Brown Mix (49)
  • Dark Brown Mix (50)
  • Dark Olive (51)
  • Dark Turquoise (52)
  • Mustard (58)
  • 38 x 38cm cushion pad.
  • Pair 4.5mm (US 7) knitting needles.
  • 8 Poppers.

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