Improver’s PDF Knitting Pattern – A Christmas Reindeer.


A Christmas Reindeer PDF knitting pattern to download today!


Improver’s Christmas reindeer knitting pattern.

Download the PDF today, for our improver’s Christmas reindeer knitting pattern.  This pattern is designed for a knitter with a little bit of experience.


Knit this cute little reindeer with our PDF knitting pattern.

The pattern is written using standard UK knitting terms.  It involves basic techniques, including working with more than one colour, and shaping.

Materials required:

  • Oddments of DK yarn (we used Drops Lima).
  • 3.25mm knitting needles (or appropriate for chosen yarn type).
  • Toy filling.
  • Buttons.

A note from me.  The reindeer’s body is a fairly straightforward knit.  It does include a lot of shaping, especially around the face, so a nice stretchy yarn is best, i.e. not a cotton.  Standard increase and decrease methods are used.

Don’t be put off because of the legs!  You don’t have to make them that way, you can knit plain legs in different colours, or perhaps stripes, or maybe even embroidered holly leaves and berries!  How nice!  But!  I would recommend giving it a go.  If you’re new to the technique, my main piece of advice, is don’t put the yarn too tight at the back of the work.  Make sure the stitches are evenly spaced on the right hand needle as you work.  It’s only a small project, so a perfect starting point for trying this if it’s new to you!


As always, if you require any extra help, just get in touch!

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