Knit a Knitten – Children’s Learn to Knit Kit


Children’s Learn to Knit Kit


Children’s Learn Knitting Kit

Our Children’s Learn Knitting Kit has been designed especially for children.  It uses child friendly language, child sized knitting needles for little hands, and a cute little kitten to knit.

The kit includes:

  • Alpaca bland yarn
  • Children’s knitting needles
  • A row counter
  • A large eyed plastic needle
  • Safety toy filling
  • A fully illustrated knitting guide

The guide contains the step by step process of knitting – teaching the user how to cast on and off,  work stocking stitch by using knit and purl stitch, and all with the help of a little songbird, using rhymes to help remember how to do each stitch.

By making the kitten, the user will learn how to sew up their knitting and attach a tail, and they will learn how to do a little bit of embroidery to make the kitten’s features, whiskers and toes.

Ideal for older children aged 8+, or for parents to teach younger children (and perhaps themselves!) to knit!



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Weight100 g