Beginner’s PDF Knitting Pattern – Introduction to Sock knitting – Cosy Bed Socks.


PDF Bed socks pattern


Easy knit bed socks for that Hygge vibe.

Download the PDF today, for our easy knit bed socks knitting pattern.  We have designed this pattern as an introduction to the wonderful world of sock knitting.  We haven’t chucked you in at the deep end though, these socks are knitted using straight needles, but you will learn all of the basics of turning a heel and shaping the toe.  The pattern includes skills you already know, and some new ones to learn (see PUAK below).

Multiple sizes included: UK 3-7

Level: BEGINNERS – Trying something new.

Our bed socks pattern is a great introduction to knitting socks, and turning a heel.  The cuff pattern uses a simple 2 x 2 rib, but because there are an odd number of stitches, it becomes “off-set”, which creates a very thick, spongy fabric, that won’t be too tight to wear as bed socks.

The pattern uses the term: PUAK (pick up and knit) to pick stitches up and knit stitches along each edge of a heel.  You can see how to do it by clicking here.  Some of the info isn’t relevant to our pattern, so watch with the sound off.

To make the socks, you’ll need 100g super chunky yarn for the smaller sizes and 200g for the largest size (UK ladies 7), and 10mm knitting needles.  We used Drops Andes.  Other yarn brands may produce different results.

This is a very satisfying knit, teaching lots of new techniques..