Arm Knitting Beginners Course


Arm knitting beginners course in Kent.  Make a beautiful 100% undyed Merino wool throw.



Make a beautiful chunky knit Merino wool throw in our arm knitting beginners course.

Yes!  That’s right!  Make a beautiful chunky knit 100% Merino wool throw, using your arms*, in a few hours, at our arm knitting beginners course at The Little Songbird Knitting Co HQ in Newnham, in the heart of the Kent countryside.

During your course, you will be shown how to arm knit, learning the basic steps to create a fabulous 100% Merino wool chunky knit throw.  You’ll be shown how to cast on, create a stocking stitch fabric, and cast off.  You will learn how to finish off your throw, and neaten any straggly bits, and how to weave in your ends.

There’s no need to know how to knit, as you will learn the basic steps required to make your throw, during your course.

The cost of the course includes a 2000 gram ball of jumbo 100% Merino** yarn, in natural undyed wool roving, from which you can make either an end of bed throw, which fits comfortably along the bottom of a double bed, or a square chair throw.

The course includes home made refreshments, and your lesson will finish upon completion of your throw, approximately 3 hours (times vary with each individual).  As with our other courses, you can choose between a one to one lesson, or bring a friend and save £20!  Start time is 10.30am, on a day to suit you.

You will learn how to care for your throw, how to deal with “pilling”, and how to deal with spills etc.

*Please note that, as the course title suggests, you will actually be using your arms, not a pair of needles, so please do get in touch if for any reason you are unable to use your arms, and we’ll figure out a solution!
** Vegan yarn is available upon request.

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One to one, Bring a friend and save £20