Luxury Alpaca Faux Fur Pompom Hat


Alpaca Faux Fur Pompom Hat



Luxury Alpaca Faux Fur Pompom Hat

We hand knit our alpaca faux fur pompom hat here in Kent, at The Little Songbird Knitting Co HQ.  The hats are made using a sumptuous, soft and luxurious alpaca/wool blend yarn.  We make our pompoms by hand, using luxury 100% guaranteed faux fur fabric.  No bunnies were harmed in the making of our pompoms.

These are machine washable, if you’re very careful.  Cold wash only.  Don’t be kidded into thinking that 30°C is ok, it isn’t, cold cold cold.  And if in doubt, hand wash instead.  Having said that… it’s alpaca, so really won’t need washing often, it has natural properties that keep off the dirt and wet.  As for the pompom, if it looks a little flat and unhappy, give it a short blast with a hairdryer and it’ll spring back into life.

Available in 5 colours.

Also available as a double pompom hat.

Additional information

Weight200 g

Light Beige, Mid Grey, Black, Light Brown, Light grey


Double pompom, Single pompom