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Regular blog? Oh my…

Knitting in Kent

Knitting in Kent…

Oh my word!  I haven’t written a blog in over a year… and is it because I don’t like talking about myself?  Erm, no!  But. I have been a bit busy of late.  BUT !!  Time to pull my finger out, because there’s so much to tell!!


The hut was just in its infancy the last time I wrote about it!  Just the foundations of Harbour Market Whitstable existed last May.  Well, we’ve been there a year now, and it’s thriving, I’m happy to say.  If you’re ever in Whitstable, might I suggest you take a wander down to the harbour, enjoy some lovely food, and a browse through the market.  We’re on the front row, facing Greta, the Thames barge.  If you want to keep up with news, and our opening times, check us out on Facebook here.

Hut No 13

Whitstable Harbour

You can buy a few of the main products sold at the hut, by clicking here.


Knitting Lessons Kent

We’ve been doing lots of lessons recently, teaching our knitting lovelies how to knit, how to use DPNs, how to do Fairisle, and they’ve left using their fantastic new skills.

We’ve set up a dedicated Facebook page, so that you can all stay up to date with course info.  It’s easy to book from there (it brings you to here!), so take a look at all of the fantastic work created by our knitters by clicking here.


2-Day Knitting Lesson

1-Day Knitting Lesson

Crochet Lessons Kent

And… AND!!!  There’s a page for crochet too, because we’ve added that to our list of courses.  So far we’ve taught just 4 learners at The Little Songbird HQ, with another 2 due to come to their lesson in a week or two.  We’ve taught positively LOADS through Kent Adult Education of course, so if you prefer the idea of a classroom, that might suit you, and if you want the comfort of home and the pretty surroundings (of the village, not me!), then book a one-to-one (or bring a friend).  Take a look at our Facebook page, and the albums, and see the amazing progression over just a few weeks.  Via the Facebook page, you can book your one-to-one, or see the up and coming Kent Adult Education courses on their website.  Click here for the page!

Granny squares


Crochet Kent Lessons



Giant Seagull

Have we mentioned our new monster gull?  Have we?  No??  Well…  We’re on Gargantuan Gull III, he’s waiting for a body…  here’s Gargantuan Gull I having a hug from Hannah.  He looks like he’s enjoying it too!  Want one?  Then look no further… 


Giant seagull


Right then folks!  Hoping to update you on our news BEFORE the next year’s up!


Happy Knitting!


#knittingrocks   oh yes it does.


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