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What’s on the needles this week? Knitting Blog…

Blog numero uno.

Right then folks… the website is well on its way.  It’s been lying in a dormant state for almost a year now.  Partly my fault, but partly just one of those things.  I had a website.  Some of you may remember it.  It didn’t really do everything I wanted it to, but it was ok, and then DISASTER STRUCK!  I migrated the hosting to another provider, and BOOM they lost the data files, and the website was no more.  Try as I might, with limited knowledge at my finger tips, I stuffed my face into a cushion, switched off the computer, and shoved the problem to the very furthest reaches of my mind…

The website that was

After flopping and ignoring, I got in touch with a fab web designer called Bridget, and she helped me get started with what you see now.  Her company is Bridget Designs and you can find her here.  I’ve seen her lovely work, and decided, yes, she’s the one for me.  So, I’m on uploading of products at the moment, and boy does it take time?!  But I reckon with putting a 24 hour a day marathon effort in, it should be up and running by the beginning of May.  BUT!  Well… that’s not all I have to do.  Lots of things are taking up my time at the moment…

  • Lessons.  A whole load of crochet lessons to deliver to the lovely crocheters of Canterbury and Ashford, who have all signed up for the Kent Adult Education classes that I tutor.  They’re great classes, VERY reasonably priced, and are an excellent way to get you started.
Week 1!
Week 1!
  • Knitting.  A tonne and a half of knitting to do.  I’m halfway through a rather groovy drop stitch vest top for the summer.  It’ll never fit me, but it’d look really rather marvellous on one of you lot, and the pattern will be available for download in a thrice.  There are also two unfinished honeycomb stitch blankets sitting on the side, as I’ve run out of yarn, again pattern available soon.  That’s not to mention 2 bags worth of empty seagull bodies awaiting stuffing!
Honeycomb stitch.
  • The hut…  woah!  Wait?  What?  What hut?  The Harbour Market Whitstable Hut of course!

Ah yes, the hut.  Me and my lovely, talented and gorgeous colleague have decided to join forces and Hut No.13 was born.


  • There’s me.  The Little Songbird Knitting Co.  I do the knitting and crochet bits, bobs, birds and bunnies (you can’t beat a bit of alliteration).
  • There’s Made by Mack, who makes doggy doorstops, beautiful handbags, jewelery and much more gorgeousness out of vintage style fabrics.
  • And there’s our Annie from Whitstable Tails, who delights all with her freshly caught Whitstable mermaids (the ones most likely to escape are in jars); and her beautiful prints, cards and wrapping paper.Hut No 13

The opportunity arose to take on one of the new shiny huts in the new shiny Harbour Market Whitstable, and here we now are!

Working HarbourView out to sea




So, if you want to learn more about us at Hut No.13, take a little peak at our Facebook page, and if you want to keep up with all of the news, what’s on, when we’re open, then click here to Like.

So folks!  For the rest of the day I think I shall be uploading knitting kits!  Wishing you all a wonderful, albeit chilly Sunday in April!

Shiona x