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Garter Stitch Knitting Patterns

Garter stitch knitting patterns

Garter Stitch Knitting Patterns


garter stitch 2 garter stitch 1


Following on from my previous theme, namely, garter stitch knitting patterns, I’m please to say that, having stayed up until gone 2am, they’re now listed, ready for you to download, and to get those knitting needles out!

They are all ability, but some are really easy, so are ideal for new knitters.  These are (in order of difficulty…)

  • Bunny Tea and Egg Cosy  (egg cosy available as a learn to knit kit)
  • Knit a garter stitch cactus (available as a learn to knit kit)
  • Baby’s hat and boots
  • Very easy garter stitch pram set*
  • Hot water bottle cover
  • Garter stitch bunny and bear
  • Christmas stocking
  • Afghan striped cushion
  • Colour block cushion

Most of these patterns (except *) use DROPS Alaska  (click here to visit Wool Warehouse), which is a dense, Aran weight yarn, 100% wool, excellent for felting (so don’t go throwing it in a washing machine!).  It’s not like some really scratchy wools (i.e. Lopi, which I use for the ready made crocheted cacti at Hut No.13, which actually looks and FEELS like a cactus!), it’s soft and spongy, and not so itchy you can’t wear it as gloves or hats.  It’s one of my most used yarns.  It is thicker than most Aran yarns, so if you want to substitute, check out our alternative yarn suggestions at the end of each pattern.  Click here to view the patterns.

Now, garter stitch… “yawn zzzzz”, I hear you say. “Erm, no!”,  you hear me reply.  Ok, perhaps it can be if you’re knitting a scarf, or something, then yes, crazy boring.  But!  These patterns… are not scarves.  No!  They’re cacti, and bunnies, bears, and booties… in fact, I’m going to tell you a little story about the birth of the cactus pattern…

No.1 daughter visited in July.  No.1 daughter didn’t want to learn to knit when she was little, but suddenly had the urge to learn during her stay.  Out came the knit a bunny egg cosy kit (click here to buy), and a bunny egg cosy was  duly produced.  She was thrilled!  As most people are when they’ve created their first actual, finished, sitting in front of them, bit of knitted loveliness.  She then asked, “if I make this bit longer, and add this bit here, and do this, can I make a cactus?”.  My heart swelled with pride… a designer was born.  So, a cactus appeared (click here to buy the kit).  So, if you order, you can be safe in the knowledge that it really is suitable for beginners, because it was designed by one!!

Right then… I have porridge on the hob, and a pair of reindeer slippers to knit (because reindeer aren’t just for Christmas!).

Watch out for other new patterns that I’ll be listing as the weeks go on.

Happy knitting folks!


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